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How to Count Cards Blackjack

Although card counting blackjack sounds amazing, and is an excellent skill, it is not as difficult as one might imagine. Once mastered, Blackjack card counting will not be able to state exactly what the next card is in the pack, however they will have an informed idea of the most likely value of card to come next, and indeed whether the odds are in your favour to bet high.

There are numerous ways to count cards Blackjack, we believe The Casino Tips Group Card Counting Blackjack "Easy Method" is by far the best to learn how to count cards in blackjack. See below ...

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The Blackjack Card Counting Method (Easy)

Basically Card Counting Blackjack works because the player gains an advantage when a deck has a shortage of cards valued two to eight.

When a deck has a shortage of cards valued nine, ten, and Ace, the player is at a disadvantage. If you can tell when the deck is rich in nines, tens and Aces you can do one of the following things:

  • Bet more money when the deck is favorable to you
  • Adjust your basic strategy play to account for the favorability, thereby increasing the odds of winning a particular hand.

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Blackjack Card Count

An example of how to count cards using the above Blackjack card counting system is as follows;

Cards Dealt Ace 5 9 2 3

Blackjack Card Count is +2 in total

Extend the above through the cards and this card counting system will enable you to see how favourable the cards are to you.

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