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Blackjack Tips, part of the world famous Casino Tips Group where you can learn casino systems, was created to bring together How to Play Blackjack, as well as Blackjack Systems, Blackjack Card Counting, and information about Blackjack Online, how to play blackjack, and places to play Free Blackjack online. Use the menu above to have the best chance whether you play Blackjack online or real Casino Blackjack.

Blackjack Tips

Blackjack, and the many other names it has - Pontoon, Twenty-One, Vingt-et-un (21 in French) is probably the most played casino game for money in the world. In Blackjack the aim of the game is to have a better hand than the dealer. To do that your Blackjack hand total must be closer to twenty-one than the dealers without "busting" - totalling more than twenty-one.

Most people enjoy playing blackjack online more than in a "real" casino as they don't have the pressure of other people, players and the dealer watching them as they play. We believe it is much easier to concentrate on your blackjack game when you don't have these distractions.

The appeal of online blackjack is that it is such a simple casino game of chance when you start playing blackjack, but it also offers the player the ability to use their skill to improve their chance of winning online casino blackjack by using such methods as card counting blackjack, and using a free blackjack system to improve your odds of a backjack win.

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Play Blackjack Online

There are many places you can play blackjack at an online casino, but players beware - there are some dodgy places where although all your losses will be real, any winnings you manage to build will never materialise in your bank account. Only play online blackjack at reliable providers.

Only play online blackjack where you know the site is genuine and honest - if your chosen casino is not recommended by us then it could be fake and never pay you out when you win!

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Enjoy playing blackjack - we want you to win!

Blackjack Odds

As with real casino blackjack tips, you will find some casinos will tilt the odds in their favour by increasing the number of card decks in play on the table, thus decreasing your chances of winning.

When you discover how to win blackjack online try to choose tables that show how many decks are in use at that time, but bear in mind you may find it very hard to get any tables with just one or even two card decks in play at any one time.

It has been shown that Card Counting Blackjack will definitely increase your odds off winning. Find out more on the blackjack card counting page.

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Black jack Systems

The great thing about playing blackjack online is the casino software manages all the settings and automatically keeps track of the rules (and addition) to ensure everything is above board. You should however learn the rules of blackjack so you know all about the game.

The Blackjack Tips site was created so you can immerse yourself in the game completely and fully understand how free blackjack rules affect you, and importantly understand how you can use them to your advantage.

Make sure you know blackjack rules well to help you win more.

Blackjack Strategy Table Limits

Table limits at online blackjack strategy are specific to the casino, and usually the table on which you are playing. Casinos are increasingly offering their high-roller blackjack players a V.I.P. area with huge bonuses and offers for those players with a large bankroll.

Try to get to become a V.I.P. player by building your bankroll at your selected casino and the casino will do all it can to encourage you to keep playing. Just make sure you stay in focus and keep winning!

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Card Counting Blackjack

How to count cards in blackjack online sounds amazing, and is an excellent skill, it is not as difficult as one might imagine.

Once mastered, a card counter will not be able to state exactly what the next card is in the pack, however they will have an informed idea of the most likely value of card to come next, and indeed whether the odds are in your favour to bet high.

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